About Us

What’s in a name?

Our organization’s name, MoZen Incorporated, which means ‘More Zen’ or ‘More Balance’.  All areas of a company need to be in balance leading to more efficient process, engaged employees and increased profits. If you are not paying attention to critical business areas, control and balance are easily thrown out of balance or lost, causing employees to work harder, often leading to burnout and conflict along with increased resource use and decreased profits.

MoZen is a provider of practical, real-world business coaching and executive education/development. We dedicate ourselves to making the complex simple and the sometimes difficult or overwhelming easy. We leverage a client’s current knowledge and experience and take them to the next level.


MoZen Transforms Businesses, People & Processes

  1. Businesses:
    Increase business growth, executive coaching and business strategy implementation.
  2. People:
    Customized Training & Development -Enhancing engagement & productivity.
  3. Process:
    We align your processes to effectively deliver on the business strategy decreasing costs, increasing customer satisfaction and profits.

We make the complex simple and the difficult or overwhelming easy. We partner with you to help you solve your problems and attain your goals.

Our Vision

To change the world, one person and one business at a time.

Founded in 2006, MoZen, Inc. has grown to become a premier business & executive coaching, customized training, development and resource provider of world class transformational services for leading corporations and growth companies. MoZen Inc. transforms businesses to greater profits, people to their maximum potential and process to increased efficiency.

We are committed to increasing our clients’ level of productivity and “bottom-line” through innovation and personal service while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction by producing quality deliverables and providing consulting resources that consistently exceed expectations, on time and within budget.

Rita-Witherly=350pxRita Witherly is a Gazelles and Institute for International Business certified Executive Business Advisor, Coach and Consultant. As an international speaker and author, she has spoken to thousands of business owners on achieving and sustaining business growth.

She partners with business owners helping them increase profits and decrease costs as they grow their companies, yes, even in these economic times! Rita and her team offer transform businesses, increase employee productivity, and increase process efficiency.

Rita holds a Masters in Business; Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior; she is a Master Trainer/Facilitator, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a Metrics Master, and is TopGrading Certified by Brad Smart. Rita is also a co-author of “Environmental Awareness.”

Rita is an adjunct professor at Bergen College. Additionally, she gives back to her community by being on several non-profit boards and supporting local in-transition groups.