MoZen Inc. Coaching Dilemma

Each day women are faced with difficult and often uncomfortable situations in the workplace. I was recently asked, as a MoZen Inc. coach to give my input on how I would help Nancy, the person in the example below, by a board member of ‘Rise Up Women Leaders.’ Scenario: Nancy is a Regional HR business Continue Reading

Good Stress and Bad Stress

Stress is a natural response and part of our fundamental survival system. We all experience stress daily. While chronic or long-term stress can be harmful, short-term stress can actually be beneficial. We cannot eliminate stress, but we can mitigate and manage it. The ability to manage your stress is critical for your health. Types of Continue Reading

MoZen’s Simple 4-Step Goal Model

4 Key areas of your life that you need goals in: 1. Relationships (with yourself, i.e. your physical health and relationships with others in your life). 2. Personal long term goals 3. Professional short term goals, taking care of any current job concerns/growth. 4. Professional long-term goals, to build new skills for job growth or Continue Reading

MoZen’s S.M.A.A.A.R.T. Goal Action Planner

It is the beginning of the year, and our thoughts naturally turn to goals and goal setting. We often need to set personal or professional goals. So why do we set goals and how do we set goals to ensure we successfully attain them. Research shows that written goal setting is a proven powerful process Continue Reading