Business Coaching

It’s as simple as 1-2-3-4

4 Decisions:

  • Are the Right People in the Right Jobs?
  • Is the Right Strategy in place?
  • Are we Effectively Executing the strategy?
  • Are you attaining the required Cash?

3 Habits:

  • Work on only a Few Key Priorities at a time.
  • Have Metrics on them (what you measure gets done).
  • Follow a Rhythm of Meetings (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily).

2 Drivers to balance:

  • Productivity
  • Reputation

1 MoZen Coach to help you attain your goals:

  • We are a resource.
  • We advise and offer unbiased input.
  • We are your confidant.
  • We bring a level of business knowledge and skills to help align Strategy and Execution for faster results.

You have done what others could not do…you started your own business. Being a Business Owner is not easy. To have the ability, stamina, skill and drive to start from an idea and develop a profitable enterprise is a huge task.

You wanted more control of your life, your time, your money. But somehow, you have gotten caught up in running your business and not leading in your business. You may be feeling overwhelmed and overworked, with never enough time or cash to make it feel worthwhile.

This happens because no one person has all the skills needed to do it all. As your MoZen Inc. Business Coach we work with you to help you bring order to your chaos, to build new and stronger skills leading to higher levels of performance and increased job satisfaction.

Working with your MoZen business coach can help you continue to grow your business, align your team and achieve your goals easier and faster.

Rita Witherly is a Gazelles Certified Business Coach, who has direct access to Fortune 100 knowhow, leading Industry thinking, and cutting-edge business practices, offered by such partners as South- West Airlines, GE, Dell, Microsoft, Jim Collins, Pat Lencioni and Brad and Geoff Smart. You can learn and grow from industry best practices saving you time and resources.

We help you develop your 1-page strategic plan that is a roadmap to success guiding you and your business as you make better faster business decisions.

Our coaching approach drives effective and timely implementation with guiding measures and accountability. In this way, our clients develop dynamic results faster and easier.

The MoZen’s Coaching Program also provides you with the tools, focus, and inspiration you need to take your business to the next level. If you have a desire to grow your skills and achieve a higher level of success contact us today.