MoZen Coaching

pic-3MoZen Inc. is a provider of practical, real world business coaching and executive education. We make the complex simple and the sometimes difficult or overwhelming easy to understand. We empower individuals to attain their goals.

MoZen’s Coaching Programs

1. Silver Coaching Program
2. Gold Coaching Program
3. Platinum Coaching Program

Our Next Generation Coaching leverages a client’s current knowledge and experience and helps them remove barriers to their success resulting in improved performance of both the individual and the organization.

Coaching is a results-orientated systematic process that facilitates work performance and personal growth of individuals.

We develop, design and deliver coaching programs:

• Executive and management 1-on-1 coaching
• Leadership teams
• Individual work teams and interventions
• Individuals

Each of us has developed multiple skills to get where we are today, however, new skill development or refining of current skills is always necessary to keep remove barriers to our current success and build new skills to improve their effectiveness and performance and help them achieve their full potential.

Typical client objectives are to be a more effective leader; to succeed in a new position; to find a new position; grow a business or division; increase clarity and confidence; improve communication; gain a promotion; increase sales; manage a business or team more effectively, even to create an entirely new career path.