MoZen Inc.

At MoZen Inc., we provide unique solutions to your business problems from coaching, consulting or products all designed to help you attain your goals and results. We offer a range of products.

Use them as presented or modify the content to your specific business needs or to meet your goals. In today’s competitive environment we are often given the responsibility to deliver a presentation or a program with very short deadlines, so we have created these specially priced tools, templates, and programs to support our service offering for our clients.



1. Comprehensive Mentoring Program
Step-by-step mentoring program.

2. 5S Presentation
Designed to help you create a 5S workplace.

3. 5S Manual
Program manual outlining how to implement 5S.

4. Lean Six Sigma CD
75 tools, templates and resources.

5. Lean Six Sigma Presentation
Understand Lean & Six Sigma.

6. Lean Six Sigma Manual
Provides in-depth information on LSS & get results.

7. Kaizen Presentation
Improve company results via focused turbo teams solving business problems.

8. Kaizen Manual
Provides in-depth Kaizen information and process implementation.

9. DISC report and 60 min. debrief
Understand how to communicate better and influence anyone.