MoZen Inc.At MoZen Inc., we work with Sales Management to help remove any barriers to success and to assess, engage and motivate your sales staff to help them reach their full potential, which drives business growth. We create customized programs so sales, telemarketing or teledetailing representatives can build stronger skills to meet company goals. Additionally, we design and develop create innovative off-site sales and the executive team meetings that inspire and help lead sales departments to greater success.

Working with you, we assess your needs and customize training or coaching programs that improve results. We also offer training, tools, tips, templates and products.


MoZen’s Sales Programs

  • Hiring The Best Sales People
  • Increasing Sales Team Motivation
  • Individual Sales Person Assessment
  • Sales DISC Behavioral Assessments
  • Sales Job Benchmarking
  • Sales Team Assessments
  • Sales Management Assessment
  • TriMetrix for Hiring: bias-free assessments
  • Values / Motivators
  • Improve Prospecting Effectiveness
  • Take control of the Selling Cycle
  • Develop Client Trust, Credibility and Rapport Quickly and Effectively
  • Closing The Sale
  • Reduce Discounting in Competitive Situations
  • Up Sell Additional Products.