“Knowledgeable. Skilled. Professional. Talented. Congenial. These are just a few of the many positive words that come to mind when I think of Rita Witherly. I had the pleasure of working with Rita for the last few years. I was a seminar manager at the American Management Association  and she
taught a number of our programs.”

Richard Bradley
American Management Association


“I have worked with Rita on a number of training and development initiatives in my role as Director of Corporate Education and Training for Middlesex County College. Rita has been an invaluable partner working with clients to implement business improvement initiatives, leadership development programs, project management initiatives, and leadership coaching consulting. The depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience have provided our clients with enriching learning experiences; clients consistently request Rita for additional training and I am proud to have been able to provide them the connection to her talents. In addition to her consummate professional abilities, Rita is committed to her community and is a genuinely nice person to be around. Her skills, talents, and personality create the perfect environment for engaging in professional development. Without reservation, I would recommend Rita for consulting and instructing on a variety of business topics.”

Regina Nagy Riccioni, EdD MPH CHES
Dean Plainfield Campus and Allied Sciences at Union County College

Mozen Inc.

“I was very fortunate to work with Rita during Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training many years ago. From that experience, she was always a strong contact for me when I needed support on all types of business initiatives.

“At the end of 2007, we hired Rita to lead critical business initiatives at Kluber. Areas included management coaching, lean six sigma and process management consulting. Rita was critical in that she could easily understand, improve and manage complex issues with little guidance. She also went above and beyond with value added services to ensure our employees improved their performance.

“Rita is very well liked by employees. I’m very grateful for all of the improvements Rita has brought to my organization and I strongly recommend her and MoZen Inc.”

Joel Garrett, Sc.D.
President at Summit Lubricants

MoZen Inc.

“I have worked with Rita both, individually and in team development contexts. Rita was very effective helping our team achieve a higher-performing level.

“Rita is very knowledgeable and an excellent strategic thinker. She can identify key issues that enable transformational individual growth.

“Rita is also very energetic and creative, often times leading to opportunities not previously seen.

“I have worked with Rita over the last few years, and strongly recommend her to anyone interested in growing to the next level.

Dario Dollar
Innovative drug discovery research leader and project manager for neuroscience, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases”

MoZen Inc.

“Rita has worked with us completing business improvement initiatives, employee surveys, process improvement, leadership off-sites, leadership development and leadership/management coaching. She has made a remarkable difference on the company in a short period of time”. As a result we have used Rita consistently in the last several years. She has been an extremely valuable partner.”

Niki Rambias
Head of HR, Lundbeck

MoZen Inc.

“Rita is the brain you want behind a company – or the brain you want out front running to help us build the company capability. Either way, to have Rita’s innate talent on board for leadership development and/or project delivery, you will be and stay on track! She takes the time to know our needs, projects and required results for success – working together we created a map to move forward and attach metrics to see how growth.”

Mel Baggs
Social Solutions Marketing

MoZen Inc.

“Rita is a very intelligent, business minded coach with a wonderful sense of humor and a down to Earth style of communication that allows people to excel. I strongly recommend Rita and MoZen Inc. to get your business and staff on the track to increased efficiency and effectiveness.”

Bill Graham
Food & Beverage Shift Manager at Grand Victoria Casino

MoZen Inc.

“Rita is a very intelligent and knowledgeable OD professional. She and I worked together when I was implementing a major change management program at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. We have, over the years, developed a very good relationship and we have continued to work on a variety of change management and executive development challenges.

“Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and practical hands experience developed a high level of interest with our executives. I was very impressed with her style and collegial manner. Rita has the breadth of experience and business savvy necessary to help executives solve problems and move issues forward that impact business performance.”

Ron Pannone
Regional Director HR and Talent at Orora North America

MoZen Inc.

“Rita is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in training and organization development. She can assess a client’s development opportunities and design and deliver a customized program to achieve that goal.”

Barbara Acciardi
Sr. Project Manager – WorkPlace Solutions

MoZen Inc.

“I have worked with MoZen Inc. in several of my prior positions, leveraging them to coach members of my management team and to support several business improvement initiatives. In all instances we achieved our objectives.  Three words describe my experience of Rita and her organization –Resourceful, Practical, and Effective.

“Mozen team members have access to the right resources.  They have in their tool box the most current tools to perform assessments, deliver customized training and evaluation programs, and access to a variety of proven third party solutions that save time once a need has been identified.  Also, they have experience in a wide set of industries and disciplines so they can spot integration opportunities and assess issues form a broad perspective. They have helped me with Introduction to lean six sigma, coached our first lean six sigma teams, reviewed processes, worked directly with my outbound call center MD staff to improve their in-call effectiveness, coached my contact center management team, and helped with sales team development.

“Their organization takes a very practical approach to each program –assessing the current state and advocating only for the assessments, process improvement activities, and training initiatives that will have the most positive effect on outcomes due to employee capacity, budget, or buy-in constraints.

“Finally, I have found Mozen programs to be very effective in delivering the targeted outcome.  Every program begins with a clear definition of success from the perspective of multiple constituencies and a project is never closed unless all of those stakeholders sign off on the results.

I highly recommend Rita and Mozen Inc.”

John David “JD” Woods
Chief Marketing Officer, Dotcom Distribution

“Rita is a very hard worker and made a lot happen in a short period with limited resources. She also generously gave her time to help me whenever I needed it, help which was instrumental in making me successful.”

Joe Malecki
Business Process & Operational Improvement | Expertise in Project Management and Strategic Planning

“Rita and I worked together at Cendant Corporation and she was instrumental in improving the Professional Development programs across Cendant. While Rita supplied a multitude of development related services, her work with our Lean Six Sigma critical business initiatives were critical to enhanced our ability to launch and improve our progams and products. She is a professional with high integrity.”

Thomas DeLuca
Vice President – Human Resources – AIG

“I had the opportunity to take two of Rita’s Lean Six Sigma classes and both were enjoyable learning experiences. Rita has great communication skills and does a great job of connecting what she is teaching to Lean and Six Sigma to the reality of today’s business world. Rita’s classes were very interactive which helps you get the most out of the program.”

Bruce Epley
Director of Operations at Cetylite Industries