MoZen Inc.

Business changes so fast; we must continually develop our employees so they can make better, faster business decisions keeping the company as efficient and profitable as possible.

Our training & development programs equip employees at all levels to deal with the changing business demands of the workplace: enhancing engagement, career satisfaction, creativity, motivation and retention.

We offer customized training solutions designed to address your specific business needs and employee development goals, from basic to advanced requirements.

MoZen’s 5-Step Customized Program Process

  1. We work with your key stakeholders to understand the business need and content criteria.
  2. Program topics and content are identified based on input from you & your stakeholders.
  3. We then develop your custom content and manuals.
  4. Next, we deliver your training & development program.
  5. We follow-up and coach you to help anchor the learning, further ensuring program success.

Benefits of MoZen’s Programs

Employee engagement, higher morale, increased employee skills resulting in increased work potential. Our training & development programs equip employees at all levels to deal with the changing business demands of the workplace; enhancing career satisfaction, creativity, motivation and retention.

MoZen development programs allow employees to build new and stronger skills, increasing their knowledge, job mastery and ability.

MoZen Training & Development Programs

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The MoZen Leadership Programs!


Active Listening
Adapting Your Leadership Style
Administrative Assistant Skills
Aligning all generations in the Workplace
Anger Management
Art of Effective Communication
Art of Influencing Others
Assertiveness Skills


Balanced Scorecard
Balancing Priorities
Basic Internet Marketing
Become a Manager
Behavioral Interviews
Body Language
Branding and Social Media
Budgeting Basics
Building a Consulting Business
Building High Performing Teams
Business Etiquette
Business Management – Owners


Call Center – Coaching
Call Center Training – Customer Service
Challenging Negative Attitudes
Change Management
Coaching – Advanced Degree
Coaching – Conversations
Coaching for Development
Coaching for Leaders
Coaching for Performance
Communication Skills
Conducting Performance Reviews
Conference and Event Management
Conflict Resolution
Controlling Anger Before It Controls You
Creative Problem Solving
Creative Thinking – Innovation
Critical Thinking
Cultural Competency
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Service Over the Phone
Customer Service Training


Dealing with Difficult People
Dealing with the Generation Gap
Decision Making
Defining Team Roles & Responsibilities
Delegating Effectively
Delegating for Growth
Developing Clients for Life
Developing Direct Reports
Developing Positive Relationships
Diversity Awareness
Diversity Training


Effective Listening Skills
Effective Negotiation
Emotional Intelligence
Employee Engagement
Ethics in the Workplace


Facilitation Skills
Financial Intelligence
Fundamentals of Strategic Planning


Gazelles Executive Workshop
Getting Things Done
Getting Your Job Search Started
Giving Effective Feedback
Goal Setting
Golden Rule
Google AdWords
Guest Services – Business
Guest Services – Healthcare


How to Grow Your Business
How to Handle Change
How to Influence Anyone
How to Make Yourself Indispensable
How to Manage Your Emotions
HR for the Non-HR Manager
Human Resources Training – Basics


Ideas Into Action
Increasing your Emotional Intelligence
Influencing Skills
Interview – Mastering the
Interviewing -behavioral techniques
Inventory Management


Job Search


Knowledge Management


Leadership 101
Leadership Assessment
Leadership Development
Leadership for Results
Leadership Skills for Supervisors
Leading Others Through Change
Lean Process Improvement
Learning to Manage


Management Coaching
Management Development
Manager – New
Managing Across Cultures
Managing Customer Service
Managing Difficult Conversations
Managing Managers
Managing Offsite Employees
Managing Teams
Managing Your Corporate Brand
Marketing – Business
Marketing – Internet
Marketing and Sales
Marketing with Social Media
Meeting Management
Mental Models
Mentoring Program
Motivating Employees
Motivating Employees to be Their Best
Motivating Your Workforce
Mutli-Generational Workplace


Navigating Difficult Conversations
Navagating Politics
Negotiating for Results
Negotiation Skills
NPL Tools for Real Life


Onboarding Program
Opening the Sales Call
Organizational Trust
Orientation Handbook


Performance Management
Performance Reviews
Personal Brand: Maximizing Impact
Persuasion/Influencing Skills
Positive Approaches to Resolving Performance
Presentations – Advanced
Presentations – Basic
Presentations – Conquering the Fear
Presentations – Intermediate
Presenting, Overcoming and Closing
Preventing Workplace Harassment
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Productive Work Habits
Project Management – Advanced
Project Management – Fundamentals
Project Management – Intermediate
Prospecting and Territory Management
Public Relations Boot Camp
Public Speaking – Presentations
Public Speaking – Speaking Under Pressure


Real-World Project Management
Research Skills
Resolving Conflict at Work
Risk Management


Safety in the Workplace
Sales – Assessment
Sales – Building a sales relationship
Sales – Closing
Sales – Overcoming Objections
Sales – Presentations
Sales – Principles of Selling
Sales – Prospecting
Sales – Relationships
Sales – Telemarketing
Self Leadership
Selling Smarter
Sexual Harassment
Six Sigma
Six Sigma & Lean – Intro
Six Sigma & Lean – Advanced Trainer
Lean Six Sigma Certifications:
– Black Belt Certification
– Brown Belt Certification
– Champion Certification
– Deployment Leader
– Green Belt Certification
– Master Black Belt Certification
– White Belt Certification
– Yellow Belt Certification
Skillful Collaboration
Social Media at Work
Solid Business Writing
Strategic Planning
Strategic Thinking
Stress Management
Stress Relief and Stress Reduction
Succession Planning
Super Manager
Supervising – Increasing Effectiveness
Supervising – Problem Solving
Supervising – The Basics
Supervisor – New & How To Succeed
Supervisor Communications Skills Systems
Supervisor Skill Development


Taking Control of Conflict
Talk Like a Leader
Talent Management Program
Team Building
Team Excellence
Teams – Building Better Teams
Teams – Effectiveness
Teams – Leading Hi-Potential
Teams – Leading Teams
Teams – Leading Virtual Teams
Telemarketing – coaching
Time Management
Toughest Supervisor Challenges
Trainer – Advanced Skills
Trainer – Survival Skills
Training – Creating your Material
Training Basics
Training Made Fun
Training Program Developoment


Understanding the Sales Cycle
Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool


Violence – Managing Workplace Violence


What Customers Really Want
What to Ask And How to Listen
Why We Struggle with Tough Decisions
Women and Leadership
Work Out/Kaizen
Working Smarter
Workplace – Injury Prevention
Workplace Violence – Managing
Writing – Advanced Skills
Writing – Technical
Writing A Business Plan
Writing for Business
Writing for the Web
Writing Reports and Proposals

Resources for People in Transition
At MoZen Inc. we give back to our community on a regular basis and also offer support for people in transition.
CLICK HERE to view multiple resource links.